Win Win Solution to Deficit Budgets

When it comes to helping Local Authorities and Highways England maximise their road maintenance budgets Asphalt Reinforcement Services tick all the boxes.


Our GlasGrid and GridSeal pavement reinforcement systems not only prolong pavement life but are also extremely cost efficient.

In 2007 in collaboration with the Highways Agency and Lafarge Contracting, Asphalt Reinforcement Services Ltd advised on the design for a maintenance scheme on the A45 at Great Billing. The innovative solution involved reinforcing the 70mm overlay of the jointed concrete slabs with GridSeal, a combination of GlasGrid and a highly polymerised bond coat Sealoflex SC-4. The 57,000m² reinforced section of the project is still crack free 10 years on and the client was able to build 2 further maintenance schemes with the money saved.
An all defining deficit budget solution!



  • Provide you with longer life road
  • Protect the environment and reduce carbon footprint
  • Provide greater load bearing capacity to protect against the increased number of vehicles
  • Reduce construction time on site and ongoing cyclic maintenance
  • Reduce disruption to stakeholders
  • Provide value by extending the scope of your highway maintenance budgets