Whose asphalt is it anyway?

Whose asphalt is it anyway?

When it comes to asphalt, getting to grips with what’s really going on below the surface is paramount.  There are things we take for granted and being able to move safely from A to B while going about our daily lives is one of them. Whether we are dragging ourselves out for that early morning bleary-eyed run around the block, whether we are walking to the station to head to work engrossed in the latest podcast, or whether we are driving the kids to school, out cycling in the sunny country lanes or coming in to land at London Heathrow, guaranteed, none of us are taking a moment to even think about the surface across which we are travelling. Until there is an accident due to a damaged or uneven footpath, road surface or runway we assume that we are in safe hands.

In-depth knowledge of asphalt reinforcement

Fortunately you are in safe hands and on safe ground with Asphalt Reinforcement Services – we have built up an in-depth knowledge of asphalt and reinforcement techniques that keep you safe on the move. With our cutting edge GlasGrid® technology, we repair, we reinforce and we strengthen the ground beneath your feet so that you don’t have to worry. With a robust approach to high-quality asphalt services, we are able to reduce the likelihood of road-surface related accidents and collisions ensuring tough, durable surfaces where they are needed most – beneath the airfields, bridges, pavements and highways that you traverse on a daily basis.

We do this best working in partnership with responsible organisations such as local authorities, the Highways Agency and airport authorities. Through building strategic working relationships, we can support these agencies in ensuring that all their asphalt maintenance work is carried out with value, durability and safety in mind and with minimal disruption to the customers they serve.

Should you be thinking about asphalt as a matter of course?

It may not be something you think about every day, if ever, in your lives until you twist an ankle on an uneven surface, shear a front bike fork in a pothole, slew across a runway that fractures under the weight of a landing aircraft or find yourself held up in endless tailbacks of motorway maintenance. If you are a local authority, or an agency responsible for safe public movement and travel, then like us, asphalt is something that you will be thinking about as a matter of course.