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Asphalt Reinforcement CPD Sessions Get on the right road with an Asphalt Reinforcement CPD Presentation

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Extend the life cycles of your roads with higher value projects and reduced maintenance needs. Sign-up for a CPD presentation with Asphalt Reinforcement Services, and we can give you the help you need to achieve all of this and much more in just a couple of hours. CPD presentations can be booked on-site, and are ideal for groups of six or more engineers and designers. Share knowledge and experience with colleagues, increase collaboration with other organisations and within your own teams to make your business a market leader. Should you wish to arrange a CPD presentation for a group of less than six, we will happily arrange this for you. Simply get in touch to discuss your needs. Learn more about… ✓ The latest reinforcement technologies ✓ Design and implementation of more sustainable assets ✓ Reducing maintenance costs and repairs ✓ Improved performance and extended life ✓ Economic and environmental advantages

25% of the UK’s annual road budget is currently lost to reactive repairs.

But we need to change this. By taking advantage of the best asphalt technologies, this loss can be transformed into much needed gains for everyone. More so, the reduction of the 12 year maintenance backlog will only have one outcome – a positive effect. Discover the economic and environmental benefits of asphalt reinforcement using geo-synthetic material. By taking a more preventative approach to road design you can enjoy increased access to government funding.

  • Geosynthetic Reinforcement in Asphalt – comprehensive training on the use of geosynthetics to control cracking in asphalt pavements
  • Regen Roads – shallow in situ recycling sealed with surface dressing systems
  • Surface Dressing – comprehensive training aligned with RoadNote 39 on all surface dressing systems
  • Asset Management – training in the use of our range of surface treatment systems and how they complement management

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Keeping up-to-date with the latest technology is fundamental to the ongoing success of every company. At Asphalt Reinforcement Services we can give you the knowledge required to better meet the needs of your clients and their objectives. Together we can keep Britain moving on the right road.

"The CPD Presentation was a great opportunity for our staff to gain an insight into the range of products available to strengthen and prolong pavement service life" – Local Authority Representative January 2019

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