The Asphalt Group signs the CIHT Diversity & Inclusion Charter

CIHT Diversity & Inclusion Charter Logo

The Asphalt Group and its Companies, Asphalt Reinforcement Services, Asphalt Surface Dressing and Asphalt Preservation Services, have long believed and practised diversity and inclusion in our HR strategy. Diversity and inclusion empower our workforce to do the best possible jobs they can no matter what role, department, ethnicity, background or gender. The proof is in the high level of accreditations achieved by the Group, such as the Triple Badge Accreditation, FORS Gold Standard, SMAS, CE Marking Certificate and QCF NVQ Qualifications, all of which were only possible through our highly motivated workforce.

Being a CIHT Partner means we get to sign the CIHT Diversity & Inclusion Charter. Over 60 organisations have signed up to the CIHT Diversity & Inclusion Charter to demonstrate their commitment to making highways and transportation a positive place for people from all backgrounds to build a career. 

The signatories to the Charter believe that a commitment to diversity and inclusion is essential to reflect the communities we serve. It makes business sense because it helps us attract and retain the best talent; it enables us to understand and meet clients’ needs more effectively and provide a better quality service. 

The Charter states:

  • Strive to achieve best practice in our recruitment, retention and career progression practices as employers. 
  • Support the development of good diversity and inclusion practice by collecting and sharing examples of practical activities that contribute to progress with CIHT and other signatories. 
  • Assign responsibility for meeting our Charter Commitments to a named, senior-level individual. 
  • Work together to develop and adopt future protocols and practice that support the implementation of the aims of this Charter. 
  • Recognise, respect, capitalise and celebrate contributions from different people to strengthen team performance. 
  • Display the CIHT diversity and inclusion logo to publically demonstrate our commitment to this agenda
Howard Cooke, the Asphalt Group MD

Howard Cooke, the Asphalt Group MD, says ‘We are very proud to be part of this significant initiative for the industry. This Charter will drive real change in diversity and inclusion, moving the sector forward, providing many more career opportunities for people who want to work in highways and transportation.’