The Asphalt Group Difference

At Asphalt Group, our mission is to help improve the in-service performance of asphalt pavements, from design to installation, by extending pavement life and reducing the demand for reactive maintenance. We offer proactive solutions to prolonging pavement life, which, along with technical support from our manufacturers Saint Gobain, secure our title as the pavement performance specialists.

Our premium asphalting solutions — reinforcement, surface dressing, and preservation — work together to optimise asset management. Our ongoing commitment to sustainability, longevity, and cost-effectiveness set us apart from the competition. These are the drivers at the heart of our business:


Our goal is to be the most sustainable road asset management company in the UK and help local authorities to meet CO2 reduction targets by 2050. The Asphalt Group work to reduce the carbon footprint of the maintenance and expansion process of the UK road network. We are working towards a carbon-neutral fleet of asphalting vehicles and our production process has already achieved a significant reduction in emissions.


Our premium products stand the test of time and ensure a sizeable return on investment for our clients.

Our solutions achieve pavement longevity in different ways. Reflective cracking in road surfaces is a significant problem in the asphalt lifecycle, and Asphalt Reinforcement Services offer geosynthetic and steel mesh systems that improve pavement life by up to a factor of 7.

Used at the right time and applied correctly, Asphalt Surface Dressing can extend the life of roads and carriageways by well in excess of 10–15 years. Carriageway life can be enhanced further still by using a non-woven Geosynthetic interlayer which is laid ahead of the surface dressing process.

Why keep replacing asphalt when you can double its life for 30% of the replacement costs? Asphalt preservative, supplied and installed by Asphalt Preservation Services, is a preventative maintenance treatment that preserves, protects and extends the life of asphalt reducing the need for reactive maintenance. The treated road surface looks new, retains the original surface characteristics and can be treated every 5 years.


Cost-effectiveness is important to us and we understand that paving can be a significant investment for our clients. We offer advice on specification, design, and installation so that our clients can be confident they are getting the best possible value for money. As a sizeable asset to our local authorities, it is important that our pavement solutions deliver a whole-life approach, bringing significant improvements in value to every project.

The asphalt paving industry is ever-changing, and at Asphalt Group we are committed to staying ahead of the curve, providing the most innovative solutions for our customers. Our team of experts work together to provide long-lasting pavements that reduce maintenance costs — we want to pave the way to a sustainable future. Not just for our current clients, but for generations to come. We understand that our clients are looking to invest intelligently in asset management and the quality of our pavement solutions exceed expectations.