Surfacing contractor helped by ARCDESO®

Surfacing contractor helped by ARCDESO®

As a surfacing contractor or employer of surfacing contractors, you’ll know all about timing issues and how labour and resource costs spiral when work is slow or delayed. The key to efficient reactive maintenance is time spent on task— and isn’t there something to be said for improving the planning and design process before the operational work begins?

What is Asphalt Reinforcement Services’ ARCDESO® software?

ARCDESO® anti-reflective cracking design software has been formulated especially for the road engineer, designer and surfacing contractor to optimise the design process for asphalt pavement reinforcement. It can provide significant savings as it enables accurate product selection and resource scheduling from the outset and over the course of the project. In other words, it reduces unnecessary spending on reactive maintenance in response to reflective cracking further down the line.

For a surfacing contractor, for local authorities and Highways England, this software has already been proving itself invaluable.

How does ARCDESO® anti-reflective cracking design software work?

  • The ARCDESO® software takes the product mix a service contract is proposing and uses clever algorithms to rate its efficacy and what the chances are of reflective cracking occurring at some future date.
  • The development of this software means a reduction in the labour-intensive pavement investigations that would previously have been required.
  • It can provide accurate predictions of a surface’s lifespan after the specification of a maintenance option.
  • The reflective cracking predictions the software generates can then be used to support the planning process.

Furthermore, ARCDESO® can help a surface contractor to select the most appropriate maintenance option and thus reduce the reactive maintenance bill in the long-term.

The accuracy of this anti-reflective design software is supported by extensive field data, allowing the surface contractor to be confident that their decision is truly evidence based.

The benefits of using ARCDESO® are self-evident. Both the surface contractor and other stakeholders involved cannot afford to ignore the long-term savings and increased efficiency as road surfaces become subject to fewer interventions and reactive maintenance is minimised.

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