Despair over asphalt repair?

Despair over asphalt repair?

Are you starting to panic over surface damage that is fast-becoming a health and safety nightmare, an accident waiting to happen, a claim about to come your way? Worried about how this seems to just keep happening year on year and wearing a hole in your pocket at the same time? If you are routinely spending money on asphalt repair and this is in a supermarket carpark, or on an airport runway, or a busy stretch of motorway then no wonder you are starting to despair as the public safety implications are serious and the disruption frustration factor likely to be high.

According to a study published by the Institute of Civil Engineers (ICE) in 2012, it is the poor quality patch repair that is causing this repeated need for asphalt repair over the same stretch of pavement over and over again. Patch repair is being carried out as a stop gap rather than addressing the underlying cause of the cracking or potholes in the first place. Without preventing the moisture seepage or saturation of the under layers, it is only a matter of time before the damage will break through the surface layer again and the problem, together with the cost, reappears.

Asphalt repair solutions

At Asphalt Reinforcement Services, we prefer to take the headache away from you and deliver peace of mind together with a long-lasting reinforcement solution. We have invested carefully in technological innovation and our GlasGrid® product range enables us to design bespoke asphalt repair solutions that work for wherever you are and whatever the scale and complexity of your problem whether on a highway, at an airport, stadium, retail park or suspension bridge.

By assessing and understanding the reason behind the surface damage in the first place, we are able to offer a tailored solution that resolves the issue at the core. We then allocate the appropriate GlasGrid® product, providing an environmentally-conscious, hard-wearing, responsible solution. At Asphalt Reinforcement Services, we believe that asphalt repair should be both responsive and intelligent.