Road surfacing agility

Road surfacing agility

moment you learn to drive onwards, the assumption is that road surfacing is to be equated with setbacks, tailbacks, and endless stretches of cones, average speed camera zones and hazardously narrowed lanes. In our minds, routinely scarred by delays, disappointments and missed meetings and connections, agility and speed would not be words that we might ever imagine could be associated with road surfacing.

A new road surfacing era

Yet just recently, a project carried out by Highways England, signalled the start of what could potentially be a new road surfacing era. According to Highways England, the project laid 1,100 tonnes of road surface in a single night – that is 4 times higher than the average for a single shift. Using only 25 workers, 163.7 tonnes of road surface were laid every hour completing the project in a single night shift where normally it would have spanned 7 nights and caused significant disruption to road users.

So how was road surfacing able to be sped up so much quite literally overnight? The work was broken down into 2 distinct phases: the road surface planing and repair of potholes and fissures was completed the night before, allowing all 2 miles of the road surface between J28 and J27 of the M6 to be resurfaced with new 50mm deep tarmac in a single straight run.

In the article, John Lysseljko, a Project Manager at Highways England was quoted as saying ‘we will continue to challenge how we plan and carry out resurfacing work so we can keep disruption to a minimum and ensure drivers can benefit from safer and smoother journeys in the future’.

Technology and road surfacing

It is both exciting and reassuring to see new asphalt technology being embraced and integrated into road surfacing working practices with such significant improvements in turnaround time coming as a major benefit.  The value that using the technology available to us can bring is putting paid to the costs of disruption, delay and extended shift times. Here at Asphalt Reinforcement Services, we are firm believers in road surfacing being able to be matched with speed and agility, and of course, safety and our GlasGrid® geosynthetic range does exactly that.