Road surfacing contractors – rough ride?

Road surfacing contractors - rough ride?

When you have a problem it is understandable that you want a quick solution, so when you need a new surface laying or an existing one repairing, how do you navigate the road surfacing contractors out there to ensure you come up with the best fit for your budget, deadlines and needs?

Here at Asphalt Reinforcement Services, the team can work at scale, speed and to flexible scope. They are road surfacing contractors with the adaptability to provide pavement solutions for all scopes of work be they related to highways, carparks or even military airfields. The learning from one project feeds forward into the planning of the next so that we are continuously developing and challenging our work, our techniques and our delivery to provide you, our customers, with the highest levels of service available.

Road surfacing contractors tap into technology

With innovations in technology advancing rapidly, road surfacing contractors need to be tapping into the technologies available to them to deliver real value for money for the end-user. Rather than seeing new technology as an additional cost, here at Asphalt Reinforcement Services, we see it as an investment and one that will keep our business supporting you intelligently into the future.

With ever-increasing budgetary pressure, many of our key customers are looking for long term benefits and savings. By using like-minded road surfacing contractors who operate within the same vision of quality, longevity and durability, local authorities and organisations who have highways responsibility can rest assured. They will be gaining an advantage and an investment in their road infrastructure, rather than losing money year on year on reactive maintenance.

Right on budget, right on quality

At Asphalt Reinforcement Services, we understand the responsibility that sits with road surfacing contractors to get it right – right on budget, right on quality, right on time, every time.  Our investment in the GlasGrid® geosynthetic product range enables us to stand out from other road surfacing contractors by offering the following:

  • Longer life cycles
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Bespoke solutions
  • Quality Assurance (ISO 9001 accreditation)
  • High Standards (RSTA member)
  • Economic and environmental advantages