Road resurfacing resurfaces

Road resurfacing resurfaces

When we do things properly from the outset and we invest in their value, their quality and their lifespan, then we rarely find ourselves in a position of having to redo them, to pay again to do a better job another time around, or worse still to provide a temporary stop-gap, an all-too-costly quick fix. So why is it that our roads, that should have us humming and buzzing across the country safely and efficiently, more often than not are not only holding us up, but bringing us to a complete standstill? Because we are not getting the quality of our roads right from the outset and it means that road resurfacing not only becomes an accepted risk for motorists but road resurfacing becomes a scheduled maintenance activity. What a waste of time, money and resources, let alone the risk to travellers, compared to the value that building roads well in the first place would bring.

Here at Asphalt Reinforcement Services, we have invested in technology so that we get things right for you first time, every time. Road surfacing is something we are proud of, road resurfacing is something that we will do so that you never have to do it again. How do we do this?

If it is reflective cracking making road resurfacing necessary, we might do the following for example:

  • Assess the damage and its root cause and evaluate the best solution together with you
  • Remove any damaged bituminous overlay
  • Adhere CompoGrid® CG100 to the planed concrete in order to arrest the reflective cracking
  • Apply 60mm nominal binder course and 40mm surfacing course

Not only is this done quickly and efficiently, but the CompoGrid® CG will:

  • Reduce maintenance
  • Reduce repair costs
  • Save time and money
  • Provide rapid strength
  • Withstand extreme temperatures
  • Provide reliable, long term performance

CompoGrid® is an investment when it comes to the task of road resurfacing and will support you in the need to minimise disruption both now and in the future. How much would it mean to you to be able to take repeat road resurfacing off your maintenance bill?