Road maintenance services holding you up?

Road maintenance services holding you up?

Taking to the open road is something that many convertible driving motorists and cyclists look forward to. So, when the sun comes out and there’s a whole weekend stretching ahead, many set off somewhere in order to escape, to unwind after the week, to simply enjoy the freedom of being on the move without being in a hurry. Some will carefully plan routes to explore, looking forward to journeying into the unknown along newfound roads and lanes.

So when plans are abruptly halted by an unexpected ‘road closed’ sign and a confusion of diversion signs if you are lucky, then you know that your plans for an adventure have been cut short and road maintenance services have taken priority. To fuel the frustration at the weekend, there is often a sleeping line of heavy duty vehicles parked up behind the sign.

Durable, long-lasting road surfacing

Road Maintenance is an inevitable necessity but the quality of road maintenance services needs to be high. It’s necessary to reduce the amount of reactive maintenance being carried out across the country at enormous cost to local government who settle the bill thanks to tax payers money. The real price comes to road users incurring the disruption.

The technology is now available to provide quality, durable and long-lasting road surfacing that can significantly eliminate the demands of reactive maintenance.

Asphalt Reinforcement Services are one such company who have put technology and innovation at the fore of everything they do and the road maintenance services they provide are not just smart, but easier on the environment, faster to lay and a long-term investment. By using the GlasGrid® range of products they provide bespoke solutions for all your road maintenance servicing needs regardless of the complexity involved. It makes sense to use the technology we have to move forward efficiently and intelligently rather than holding ourselves up.