Reutilisation of materials in transport infrastructure – 21 March 2019

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Recycling, or reutilisation, of materials in transport infrastructure has been practiced for decades. However, the combined drivers of the need to achieve both sustainability in development and cost efficiencies in construction and operation without compromising level of service or performance has promoted continued investment in both the development and implementation of new technologies to extend the range and scale of material reutilisation. This is, therefore, a constantly progressing area of development which is of continued interest to the owners, operators and constructors of the full range of transport infrastructure assets. This event will look at recent and forthcoming developments in recycling processes and technology as well as learning the lessons and benefits from project case histories and established techniques for reutilisation of materials in the construction and maintenance of highway and airfield pavements and structures.

This event will be of interest to those working in highway authorities, civil and military airport authorities, road and railway engineering consultants, university civil engineering departments, construction materials testing laboratories as well as materials suppliers and contractors, and road and airfield construction contractors and operators.

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