GlasGrid® Rapid Repair – PG100

Supplied and installed by Asphalt Reinforcement Services

The all in one detailed repair system for any surface – including concrete. Asphalt Reinforcement Services proudly introduces its innovative fibreglass solution for detailed asphalt reinforcement; GlasGrid® Rapid Repair PG100.

The composite geogrid reinforcement system of the GlasGrid® Rapid Repair PG100, consists of a high tensile fibreglass grid, which in turn is coated with a patented elastomeric polymer and works alongside a non-woven fabric. The grid size is 25 x 25mm making this composition the ideal choice when considering how to reduce costs in reactive maintenance, without sacrificing quality.

Key benefits Of GlasGrid® Rapid Repair

  • A fast and simple installation
  • No heating required
  • An optimised thickness of bitumen layer
  • Acts as an effective moisture barrier

The system has been developed for quick and easy fitting. Simple and rapid installation by hand is enabled by the fact that no heating is needed to install this product. It can simply be applied to a milled surface or directly to concrete without a levelling course. This makes it a versatile solution and easy choice to use.

The stand out feature of the GlasGrid® Rapid Repair PG100, is it’s self adhesive bituminous layer. This cutting edge design makes it ideal for smaller repairs and a more detailed approach to road maintenance. This additional self-adhesive bitumen layer is protected by a film, enabling clean handling and installation of the product. The inclusion of this layer makes the system an effective moisture barrier, imperative when trying to reduce responsive repairs.

Advantages Of Using GlasGrid® Rapid Repair

  • Fast and simple installation due to the self-adhesive bitumen layer; no heating with a gas burner necessary
  • No bitumen overspray
  • Ideal combination between a high-tensile fiberglass grid and an integrated self-adhesive bitumen layer
  • No problems with high temperatures
  • Long-term reduction of maintenance costs
  • Sustainable asphalt reinforcement for detailed repair
  • Excellent milling performance and completely recyclable at the end of its service life

Reflective Cracking

When it comes to the all too common problem of reflective cracking, the unique composition of the GlasGrid® Rapid Repair PG100 helps decelerate the cracking by a factor of up to 4 times. It does this by turning any crack stresses horizontally. This in turn dissipates the stress, resulting in the reduction of reflective cracking. In addition, the GlasGrid® Rapid Repair PG100 system can be used for the covering of utility trenches, road widening, haunch repairs and 278 works.

Simple Installation

GlasGrid® Rapid Repair PG100 is available in rolls of 1.2m (width) by 20m (length) but can easily be cut with a knife to achieve the required size. It has a tensile strength of 115 x 115 ± 15 kN/m and a tensile elongation of 2.5% +/- 0.5%. This product provides an optimum bonding with the surface and a good interlock between the paving courses due to the self-adhesive bitumen layer along with the controlled melting of the bitumen layer during the installation of the asphalt overlay. The GlasGrid® Rapid Repair PG100 has a melting point of 93ºC.

Please be aware the system requires a minimum overlay of 40 mm compacted thickness. Please seek distributors advice on installation guidelines.