GlasGrid® Indicator Mesh Range


Supplied and installed by Asphalt Reinforcement Services

When it comes to one of the most vulnerable areas in highway maintenance, bridge decks, GlasGrid® Indicator Mesh is an ideal reinforcement choice.

This system, produced by Saint Gobain Adfors, is the only choice for the safeguarding of bridge decks.

Bridge structures and the waterproofing membranes laid on their decks, are one of the most exposed areas when it comes to maintaining a safe and reliable road surface. The GlasGrid® Indicator Mesh system is a highly visible means of protection and is an effective alternative to coloured asphalt. It is a great way to reduce costs when needing to warn resurfacing teams that they are approaching the waterproofing membrane on the bridge deck.

The GlasGrid® Indicator Mesh has a pressure sensitive, self adhesive backing and fluorescent fibreglass grid material. The mesh is able to be installed either by hand or mechanically and should be laid on a clean surface.

Due to its self adhesive qualities, the mesh is easily applied to the road surfaces.  The mesh size will also allow a good bond between the surfacing layers. The mesh’s tensile strength of 25kN x 40kN, provides an additional reinforcement benefit, leading to greater knowledge of the safety and effectiveness of this product.

The key to why the GlasGrid® Indicator Mesh is so effective as a protective indicator layer, is it’s high visibility. The mesh’s orange fluorescence is the foundation of it’s effectiveness as an alternative to coloured asphalt or other depth indicator techniques. Due to the mesh’s design, any planing that resurfacing teams are undertaking of the surface and the binder course means that there is an advanced and clear warning that they are approaching the waterproofing membrane. If you couple this with the shredding of the fibreglass mesh during the milling process, then it becomes a safer and more reliable indicator layer.

Each roll of GlasGrid® Indicator Mesh is 100m long, 1.1m wide and only weighs 172g. Each mesh size is 10mm, but has a melting point of 1000ºc, indicating the durability of it’s lifecycle. Additionally it’s thickness is only 0.8mm, making it the right choice for bridge deck applications.

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