GlasGrid® GG200 (8502)

Geosynthetic geogrid asphalt reinforcement system

Supplied and installed by Asphalt Reinforcement Services

Type GG200 (8502) has a double quantity of reinforcing material in its transverse direction. This makes GG200 particularly suitable for (local) application on transverse and longitudinal cracks. It is also suitable for all types of joints in asphalt and concrete pavements, as well as for the widening of roads. The GG200 product has similar specifications to the GG100, but boasts an increased tensile resistance.

Tensile resistance: (at 2% strain) 95 x 180 ± 20 kN/m.

Roll size: 60m long x 1.5m and also has a pressure sensitive adhesive backing.

GG200 boasts a less than 5% chance of becoming damaged during installation.