Improve pavement performance with GlasGrid® GG (self-adhesive)

Supplied and installed by Asphalt Reinforcement Services

Improve pavement performance by reducing the effects of shear and tensile stresses that lead to reflective cracking of asphalt overlay and concrete pavements. GlasGrid® is used in new and rejuvenation projects to improve pavement performance. When you need to control crack growth, GlasGrid® GG self adhesive range offers a solution that extends pavement life, improves efficiency and delays interventions.

Its geosynthetic composition consists of glass fibre strands that have been arranged into a grid structure. These in turn are covered and impregnated with a polymer adhesive. The result is an unparalleled system that will improve pavement performance, while delaying interventions thus reducing reactive maintenance costs giving you cash savings.

The unique feature of the GlasGrid® Geogrid, is that as well as being suitable for application on all asphalt and concrete pavements, it can also be used on cracks that have been caused by uneven settlement. The GlasGrid® system can easily be used on joints in concrete pavements therefore providing improved pavement performance.

The GlasGrid® GG system also boasts a superior adhesion to asphalt layers. This means that not only does it control the growth of cracks, but also increases the load bearing capacity of the pavement structure. All GlasGrid® products are easy to install due to the unique, self-adhesive reinforcing mesh. This self-adhesive geosynthetic can be applied either by hand or with a specially designed applicator. Simply press the grid down with a rubber tired roller and this action will make it glue to the pavement surface where it will remain flat, even during pavement operations.

GlasGrid GG Self Adhesive