GlasGrid® GridSeal®

Supplied and installed by Asphalt Reinforcement Services

Developed using a composite of GlasGrid® and a membrane of polymer-modified bitumen, GlasGrid® GridSeal provides an unparalleled level of protection against reflective cracking as well as a watertight seal over underlying layers.

This innovative system offers the longest extension in pavement life. Depending on circumstances, GlasGrid® is covered with hot sprayed polymer modified bondcoat and then treated with crushed aggregate or the polymer modified bondcoat is applied before CompoGrid® is installed.

Benefits Of GlasGrid® GridSeal®

  • Allows migration of the modified binder through the paving fabric giving the ultimate bond
  • Unparalleled protection against reflective cracking
  • Durable waterproofing of underlying pavement
  • Absorbs movement in the underlying layers
  • Huge cost savings on Trunk Roads and Motorways by reducing on-going maintenance costs

Customers are looking for faster and more durable repairs that emphasise whole-life value of new pavements. This includes reducing delays to motorists and the potential for accidents as well as the actual cost of the materials and repairs.

When it comes to asphalt pavements, true sustainability is all about finding solutions that maximise the quality and durability of the pavement surface. This will extend its useful life, while optimising the use of materials and reducing the complexity and length of the maintenance process – all the while working within tough budgetary limits.

The Whole-Life Value Of GlasGrid® GridSeal®

  • Advanced technology
  • Quicker and easier to lay, causing fewer delays
  • Longer lasting
  • More sustainable
  • Helps enable reduced cost and lower carbon footprint

GlasGrid® GridSeal® paving reinforcement grids are manufactured from fibreglass strands, embedded in a specially formulated polymer resin. This matrix provides an exceptionally strong reinforcement system beneath the pavement surface.

GlasGrid Product Range

With GlasGrid® reinforcement, a 100mm asphalt overlay should not exhibit any cracking for up to 25 years. Customers using GlasGrid® receive a huge return on investment over the whole life of the pavement.