GlasGrid® CompoGrid (CG) nonwoven paving fabric

Supplied and installed by Asphalt Reinforcement Services

Extending pavement life is key to cash savings, increased efficiency and delayed interventions. GlasGrid® CompoGrid (CG) is a geosynthetic pavement reinforcement and moisture barrier system designed to do just that. The system adds another choice to the proven GlasGrid® system, by integrating it with a nonwoven paving fabric.

  • Improves long term pavement performance
  • Waterproofs asphalt overlay
  • Protects underlying layers
  • Withstands shear and tensile stresses
  • Resists thermal expansion, contraction and curling
  • Reduces effects of age hardening

Asphalt Reinforcement Services will support you with both the supply and installation of this system.

GlasGrid® CompoGrid®

GlasGrid® geosynthetic products save you costs of reactive maintenance.

Enabling fast, effective installation using GlasGrid® geosynthetics.

Reducing reflective cracking for up to 25 years with GlasGrid® reinforcement products


While commonly used for road widening, trench repairs, construction joints and reducing reflective cracking, it also has many other uses in a variety of different applications, such as:

  • Highways
  • Bridges
  • Car and truck parks
  • Distribution centres
  • Recreation sites
  • Footpaths
  • Commercial & military airfields


GlasGrid® CompoGrid (CG) can be used on different structurally stable foundations such as on concrete, cement-bound material or bituminous pavements. This versatility, means that GlasGrid® CompoGrid (CG) can be used in new road builds, or as a preventative measure in refurbishments to delay the onset of recurring problems.

GlasGrid® CompoGrid (CG) provides a high strength, high modulus fibreglass mesh system which reduces the potential of thermal stress-related cracks reflecting through to the surface of the new asphalt overlay.

The non-woven fabric layer within GlasGrid® CompoGrid (CG) provides additional pavement protection.  Once the non-woven layer has been impregnated with bitumen it acts as a moisture barrier.

The system is saturated with bitumen or bituminous emulsion before overlaying with asphalt, providing a pavement reinforcement and moisture barrier system which gives additional protection to the pavement foundation.

The application of geosynthetic reinforcement directly onto milled surfaces is never advised.  However, GlasGrid® CompoGrid (CG) provides an alternative solution as the non-woven fabric will act as padding between the milled surface and the glass-fibre reinforcement.

FEATURES OF THE CompoGrid® Range

  • Non-woven fabric
  • Reduces maintenance
  • Available in various strengths
  • Easy to install
  • High modulus of elasticity
  • No creep
  • Withstands extreme temperatures