GlasGrid® CompoGrid CG Range

GlasGrid® CompoGrid (CG) nonwoven paving fabric

Supplied and installed by Asphalt Reinforcement Services

Extending pavement life is key to cash savings, increased efficiency and delayed interventions. GlasGrid® CompoGrid (CG) is a geosynthetic pavement reinforcement and moisture barrier system designed to do just that. The system adds another choice to the proven GlasGrid® system, by integrating it with a nonwoven paving fabric.

  • Improves long term pavement performance
  • Waterproofs asphalt overlay
  • Protects underlying layers
  • Withstands shear and tensile stresses
  • Resists thermal expansion, contraction and curling
  • Reduces effects of age hardening

Asphalt Reinforcement Services will support you with both the supply and installation of this system.


GlasGrid® geosynthetic products save you costs of reactive maintenance.


Enabling fast, effective installation using GlasGrid® geosynthetics.


Reducing reflective cracking for up to 25 years with GlasGrid® reinforcement products

GlasGrid® CG range

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