Simon Downing Project Manager for Colas – “I was very impressed with the service speed and quality of the Asphalt Reinforcement Services operation” .

Asphalt Reinforcement Services helped get much needed reinforcements to the RAF Northolt runway which was having reflective cracking issues. Rolling out GlasGrid® CG100 proved to be the perfect long lasting solution.

Client: Ministry of Defence
Consultants: Halcrow
Site: RAF Northolt Runway
Contractor: Colas
Quantity: 19,500m
Product: GlasGrid® CompoGrid CG100
Date: January 2011


Key Benefits

Improved efficiency  – Using purpose built specialist plant and specialist equipment to get the job done effectively and quickly

Cash savings – Reducing pavement design thickness, lowering carbon footprints

Delayed interventions – Using patented technology to produce a robust and long lasting result

Cash savings – Reducing the need for reactive maintenance and further closure of the runway

Improved efficiency – A runway that could handle the elements and keep people connected

Cash savings – Ensuring the right people and tools for the right job


The most vital part of any airport is the runway. So when the RAF Northolt runway started showing signs of reflective cracking, Asphalt Reinforcement Services knew what was needed. They were looking for the best solution for strengthening the airfield surfacing and slowing the reflective cracking process, while staying within budget.


Colas, the surfacing contractor, chose to use a specialist team here at Asphalt Reinforcement Services to install GlasGrid®. The main works involved installing GlasGrid® CompoGrid CG100 to a milled concrete surface, using 200 pen straight run bitumen at 1.1l/m² with purpose built applicators It was then overlaid with binder and a surface course. GlasGrid® geogrid CG100 was also used on top of a regulating layer to prevent reflective cracking and to help prolong the life of the runway.

Finish / Destination

Getting the job done properly meant using a purpose built specialist plant and specialist equipment. This allowed teams to be able to install GlasGrid® easily and quickly, reducing disruption on site and ensuring products were installed to a high standard without compromising safety.

GlasGrid® CompoGrid CG100

GlasGrid® is an exceptionally strong reinforcement grid structure that is able to control crack growth and increase load bearing capability. It can extend pavement life up to a factor of 5. Because it permits thinner pavement design whilst reducing the carbon footprint, cost is kept to a minimum. GlasGrid® CompoGrid CG100 is ideal for use when cracking occurs over the whole surface or where reinforcement is needed right across the whole width.

The Journey

Start  – RAF Northolt needed a solution for reflective cracking on its runway

First step – A purpose built specialist plant and specialist equipment onsite

Hit the road – Working with Colas strengthening asphalt with GlasGrid® CompoGrid CG100

Moving forward – Next GlasGrid® CompoGrid CG100 was added for extra toughness and longevity

Staying on track – Giving essential technical and hands on advice throughout.

Finish – The client was impressed by the high quality delivery Asphalt Reinforcement Services provid