impressed by the speed and quality of the ARS operation.”

Asphalt Reinforcement Services was asked to get involved with extending the life of slip roads coming off the M54. After careful consideration GlasGrid® CG100L was chosen and installed by our team. It proved to be the ideal long lasting solution for the job.

Client: EM Highways
Consultant: Kier Highways
Site: M54 Junction 4 Slip roads
Contractor: Lafarge Tarmac
Quantity: 8,100 m²
Product: GlasGrid® CG100L
Date: February 2015


Key Benefits

Cost – Driving costs down in reactive maintenance by using an additional moisture barrier

Environmental – Providing a greener solution by allowing a thinner pavement design to reduce carbon footprint

Safety – Reducing road surface related accidents and collisions

Efficiency – Disruption was kept to a minimum with the job being built within 3 weekend closures

Longevity – Extending pavement life up to five times

Collaboration – Collaborating with other companies ensuring there was the right people for the right jobs


Every road has a limited life span. Some suffer more damage than others, so when the slip roads on the M54 were displaying signs of cracking, an effective solution to extend its life was needed.


Working closely with Lafarge Tarmac, it was decided GlasGrid® CG100L would be used and installed using 160/200 pen grade bitumen followed by binder and a surface course. GlasGrid reinforcement systems have been proven to extend pavement life and we’ve installed them right across the UK. For this project 8,100 m² was laid.

Finish / Destination

Our qualified team ensured a quick smooth installation, so there was little disruption. GlasGrid® CG100L was installed to a before being overlaid with 65mm binder 45mm sma surface course. The four slip roads were treated over 3 weekend closures to minimise disruption.

GlasGrid® CG100L

GlasGrid® CG100L is a composite fibre glass grid and a non-woven paving fabric. CG100L is an extension of proven GlasGrid® system providing the solution to reflective cracking from cracks and joints throughout the pavement. GlasGrid® CG100L offers additional pavement protection owing to a moisture barrier that is formed when the non-woven layer is impregnated with bitumen.

GlasGrid® Reinforcement systems can extend pavement life up to a factor of 5. It permits thinner pavement design, delivering cash savings and improved efficiency whilst reducing the carbon footprint.

The Journey

Start  – Cracking issues inspected on M54 slip roads

First step – Working closely with Lafarge Tarmac for a cost effective solution

Hit the road – GlasGrid® CG100L chosen to do the job

Moving forward – 8,100 m2 laid by qualified team

Staying on track – A thinner stronger moisture resistant pavement

Finish – Fast completion and minimal disruption. Exactly what the client needed