Gatwick Airport Northern

Richard Trinick, Special Project Manager at Carillion, commented that, ‘We had no issues with the GlasGrid® installation and Asphalt Reinforcement Services’ installation team performed very well. The product has performed well and in April 2016 remains crack free.’

Client: Carillion

Consultants: Halcrow

Site: Gatwick Airport – Northern Runway

Contractor: Aggregate Industries

Quantity: 26,000m²

Products: GlasGrid® CG50 and CG100

Date: 1 September 2011 – 2 December 2011

Gatwick Airport Northern

Key Benefits

Cash savings  – Reduction in reactive maintenance costs through genuine layers of strength

Improved efficiency  – Keeping the UK moving with increased air traffic due to more efficient runways

Delayed interventions  – Increase in revenue due to less down time of runways which will stand the test of time

Growth – Injecting growth into the economy and employment with end to end solutions

Time – That can be better spent driving forward development with time tested methods

Improved efficiency – Building trust in reliability with evidence based performance


The UK’s second largest airport is Gatwick. It’s also the most efficient single runway airport in the world, serving 200+ destinations in 90 countries for over 40 million passengers. They had a problem with the northern runway, which had been showing signs of reflective cracking. They were looking for the most cost-effective solution for strengthening and improving the airfield surfacing and delaying the development of reflection cracking in the pavement. With expertise in runway surfaces, it was only natural the Asphalt Reinforcement Services had a solution to suit.


Things got rolling during the summer of 2011, when Carillion won the contract for refurbishment of the Northern Runway at Gatwick Airport. Aggregate Industries were employed as the surfacing contractor and Asphalt Reinforcement Services were chosen to install GlasGrid® CompoGrid Reinforcement.

Following trials of the grid installation with Marshall Asphalt surfacing and base materials, the reinforcement installation took 20 shifts. The main works involved installing GlasGrid® CG50 to a milled concrete surface, using 200 pen straight run bitumen at 1.1 l/m². This was carried out using purpose built applicators. It was then overlaid with binder and a surface course. Some areas needed a detailed repair and GlasGrid® CG100 was used under the binder layer. Our fully trained team ensured the work was carried out to the highest standards – safety was paramount.

Finish / Destination

We had the ideal solution needed for a busy runway. GlasGrid® is an exceptionally strong reinforcement grid structure that is able to control crack growth and increase load bearing capability. It can extend pavement life up to a factor of 5. It permits thinner pavement design, making it cost effective whilst reducing the carbon footprint.

GlasGrid® CG50 and GlasGrid® CG100

The Journey

Start  – Gatwick airport had a problem of reflective cracking on the runway

First step – Teaming up with Aggregate Industries

Hit the road – A detailed approach to runway condition and product trials.

Moving forward – Reinforcements using GlasGrid® carried out over 20 shifts

Staying on track – Special attention to detailed repairs using GlasGrid® CG100

Finish – A new runway with long-term strength and increased load bearing capability. Ensuring safer and smoother runway for take offs and landings.