“The road was a concrete overlay which was also widened to around 1mtr either side fully flexible. The issues were to stop cracking on the concrete bay joints and where the joint widening was. Road is performing very well today with little or no reflective cracking at present.”
Dan Vale, Staffordshire CC

Staffordshire CC engaged with Asphalt Reinforcement Services to provide a solution to a pavement failure that had developed over a number of years. High volumes of HGV traffic on the A515 meant it was suffering badly from wheel tracking and cracks. With the aid of ARCDESO® technology, Asphalt Reinforcement Services provided a long-lasting solution that helped reduce cost and reactive maintenance – GlasGrid® CompoGrid CG100.

Client: Staffordshire C.C/Enterprise
Consultants: Staffordshire C.C
Site: A515 Lichfield Road

Contractor: Enterprise
Quantity: 22,360 m2
Product: GlasGrid® CompoGridseal incorporating GlasGrid® CG100 and Sealoflex SC-4 polymer bond coat sprayed at 2kg/m²
Date: August 2011


Key Benefits

Cash savings
By using patented technology, inlay thickness of surfaces were reduced, enabling a shorter contract duration

Increased efficiency
By using ARCDESO® software, this enabled the client to forecast the effect of implementing the solution

Cash savings
Reducing road closures so that HGVs can get to their destinations on time

Increased efficiency
Collaborating with other companies ensured the right expertise was applied to the right jobs

Delayed intervention
Reducing road surface related accidents and collisions


Asphalt Reinforcement Services was asked to tackle a problem that had been going on for years. The A515 Lichfield Road had been suffering from wheel tracking, fretting and cracking problems due to the high volume of HGV traffic. It was an issue that needed stopping in its tracks and Asphalt Reinforcement Services knew exactly how to do it.


Working alongside contractor Enterprise, Anti-Reflective Cracking Design Software (ARCDESO®) was used and this helped to model the lifetime performance of the pavement. Next the haunches were excavated to a depth of 400mm and replaced using recycled material giving a considerable saving in both virgin materials and a great reduction in carbon footprint. Finally, GlasGrid® CompoGrid CG100, incorporating 2.0kg/m2 of SealoFlex® binder, was chosen to strengthen the pavement, arrest reflective cracking and considerably extend pavement life.


Using the GlasGrid® CompoGridseal solution allowed Staffordshire County Council Enterprise to reduce the total inlay thickness by 100mm, as well as the contract duration on this innovative scheme. It meant a heavyweight problem was fixed by an extremely tough but lightweight solution.

GlasGrid® CompoGrid CG100

Tensile Strength 115 x 115 +/- 15 kN/m
Melting Point Coating >232° C
Melting Point Glass >820° C
Grid Size 25 x 25 mm
Mass per Unit Area 542 g/m²
Roll Length 60 mRoll Width 1.5 m

The Journey

Wheel tracking, fretting and cracking issues on the A515 Lichfield Road

First step
Using ARCDESO® technology to design the ideal solution

Hit the road
Haunches excavated and replaced using cost-saving, recycled material

Moving forward
GlasGrid® CompoGridseal incorporating GlasGrid® CG100 and Sealoflex applied at 2kg/m².

Staying on track
A thinner stronger pavement that delivers cash savings

A solution that covered all the client’s needs for the foreseeable future