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Staffordshire CC engaged with Asphalt Reinforcement Services to provide a solution to a pavement failure that had developed over a number of years. High volumes of HGV traffic on the A515 meant it was suffering badly from wheel tracking and cracks. With the aid of ARCDESO® technology, Asphalt Reinforcement Services provided a long-lasting solution that helped reduce cost and reactive maintenance – GlasGrid® CompoGrid CG100.

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Gatwick Airport Northern

The UK’s second largest airport is Gatwick. It’s also the most efficient single runway airport in the world, serving 200+ destinations in 90 countries for over 40 million passengers. They had a problem with the northern runway, which had been showing signs of reflective cracking.

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M25 Bell Common Tunnel

Costain / Capita wanted Asphalt Reinforcement Services to help shed light on a reflective cracking problem in the M25 Bell Common Tunnel. With the aid of ARCDESO® technology, a long lasting solution was provided with the aim of reducing costs – GlasGrid® CompoGridseal incorporating CG100 and Sealoflex SC-4 sprayed at 2kg/m².

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M54 Junction 4 Sliproads

Asphalt Reinforcement Services was asked to get involved with extending the life of slip roads coming off the M54. After careful consideration GlasGrid® CG100L was chosen and installed by our team. It proved to be the ideal long lasting solution for the job.

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A massive project that took place 8,000 miles away on the Falkland Islands. It was the refurbishment of the airfield at Mount Pleasant Airport. The Asphalt Reinforcement Services team of experts carried it out with military precision using GlasGrid® 8501 ensuring everything went smoothly.

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Asphalt Reinforcement Services helped get much needed reinforcements to the RAF Northolt runway which was having reflective cracking issues. Rolling out GlasGrid® CG100 proved to be the perfect long lasting solution.

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