Products for car park surfaces

Products for car park surfaces

Products for car park surfaces

When it comes to asphalt, not all of it is on the road. There are literally thousands of acres of car parks in the UK and their surfaces need to be just as safe and drive-worthy as any highway. Retail parks, leisure centres, cinema complexes, sports facilities—just think of the car parks you use on a regular basis. Car park surfaces require surfacing, resurfacing and reactive maintenance, and that means both safety and cost need to be considered.  So do users, which are not only drivers but also pedestrians, cyclists, pushchairs and more. For car park owners, damaged surfaces can lead to damaged vehicles—and litigation. A safe surface is essential to reduce the costs of compensation claims coming from pedestrians as well as motorists.

The problems with car park surfaces

One area in which car parks can suffer, leading to a deterioration of the surface, is the problem of drainage and standing water. This can cause car park surfaces to crack, resulting in expensive reactive maintenance and loss of income as areas of the car park become inoperable. Reflective cracking adds to this problem, allowing water to infiltrate and cause further damage to the underlying substrate.

Solutions for cracked car park surfaces

If you own or operate a car park, you should be interested in any products that can reduce the level of reflective cracking in car park surfaces. Asphalt Reinforcement Services can provide and install a range of products that have been designed for just this purpose. The GlasGrid® selection of geosynthetic and geogrid products will protect your surface from the damage caused by excessive traffic loading, age hardening of the asphalt binder and temperature fluctuations. Once GlasGrid® reinforcement has been applied, a 100mm asphalt overlay is unlikely to exhibit cracking for as long as 25 years.

Three major reasons to use GlasGrid® products on your car park surfaces

  1. To save money—by extending the useful life of your car park surfaces, you’ll make substantial savings on the cost of materials and repairs.
  2. To improve efficiency—our products are quick and easy to install, which means less disruption for your car park users.
  3. To delay interventions—you’ll find that a better, stronger surface requires fewer reactive interventions, costing less money.

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