Car Park Resurfacing – not always straight lines

Car Park Resurfacing - not always straight lines

We don’t spend much time in carparks, usually arriving in them with moments to spare before we need to be dashing off elsewhere. We abandon our cars with a hastily bought ticket and glance over our shoulder and vanish into nearby shopping malls, concert halls or airport concourses. Worse still , if we’re running late for work in the morning, the last thing we want to be doing is racking up precious minutes looking for a parking space, or worse, a whole new carpark.

When carparks are forced to close for maintenance, the disruption caused to motorists is frustrating, especially when the car parks are on a vast scale at busy retail parks and international airports. The headache is not just for the motorists however, as car park resurfacing contractors often face challenges of their own before the resurfacing even begins.

Earlier this year, at a car park in Chelmsford, Essex, car park resurfacing was almost brought to a halt by a single car left abandoned in the car park despite car park closure signs having been in place days before. The quick-thinking contractors, not to be perturbed, took the decision to resurface the carpark working around the parked car and then going back to fill in the single bay once the car had been removed.

A fast, smooth operation

In order to minimise both cost and disruption, car park resurfacing needs to be a fast, smooth operation at all times but never at the expense of quality or the risk of repetitive reactive maintenance. Asphalt Reinforcement Services have invested in the latest geosynthetic technologies with the GlasGrid® range of products and are highly experienced in delivering car park resurfacing at both quality and scale. With proven products and a significant number of case studies evidencing high-quality, operational resurfacing, Asphalt Reinforcement Services are at the forefront of the resurfacing market.