Cracking solutions for cracking problems

Reflective cracking on asphalt pavement surfaces can be avoided with the use of the innovative GlasGrid® range of geosynthetic and geogrid products from Asphalt Reinforcement Services.

What’s the crack?

There are many causes for asphalt pavement deformation and destabilization. Whether it be excessive traffic loading, temperature cycles, flooding or any other cause, shear and tensile stresses cause asphalt overlay to crack. Cracking leads to destabilisation while permeation of water into underlying layers accelerates the process of degradation.

Pavement rehabilitation strategies

Asphalt Reinforcement Services specialises in the reduction of destabilisation, deformation and cracking of asphalt overlay by supplying and installing geosynthetic reinforcement products which extend pavement life.

With GlasGrid® reinforcement, a 100mm asphalt overlay should not exhibit any cracking for up to 25 years.


Top benefits of Asphalt Reinforcement Services GlasGrid® products:

Placing emphasis on the whole-life value of the new pavement saving you cash on the cost of materials and repairs.

Providing quicker and easier to lay products keeping your teams and the road transport system working efficiently.

Maximising the quality and durability of pavement surface reducing your burden of reactive interventions.

Fewer reactive repairs, road closures and resurfacing: Unreinforced asphalt pavement overlay is the leading cause of pavement instability and asphalt overlay failure. The problems caused and costs encountered by pavement cracking include reactive repairs, road closures and costly resurfacing. Much of this can be avoided by using asphalt reinforcement GlasGrid® geosynthetics.

By using GlasGrid® geosynthetic reinforcement, asphalt overlay should exhibit no reflective cracking for up to 25 years. This means delayed interventions on reactive maintenance, cash savings and improved efficiency.


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Asphalt Reinforcement Services helps you from design through to installation. With extensive geosynthetic knowledge and use of cutting edge ARCDESO® technology you gain factual information and accurate predicted outcomes.

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Case Studies

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