Asphalt surfacing cleared for take off

Asphalt surfacing cleared for take off

When you think about asphalt surfacing it is nearly always roads and potholes that spring to mind as they are the surfaces that the majority of us use day in day out without even stopping to think about them. But asphalt surfaces are far more widespread and are providing watertight layering for bridges, car parks, and airports – airport parking and airport runways. For many business professionals, boarding a plane in the morning and evening is their daily commute to work and with the average 747 aircraft weighing in at just over 300 tons and with one taking off at the rate of more than one per minute, it doesn’t take much to imagine the amount of wear and tear occurring on the asphalt surface of the runways, taxiways and aprons.

Safety, quality and durability

Bringing significant numbers of passengers in to land safely each minute let alone each day, it is crucial that the asphalt surfacing on our runways has safety, quality and durability at its core. Unscheduled and reactive maintenance is also an operation to be avoided at all costs where airports are concerned, The knock-on effect of even short delays is a backlog of rescheduling, diversions and disruptions that comes at a cost to passengers, airlines and airport contractors alike. Getting asphalt surfacing right on the runway is a major responsibility.

Runway reinforcement expertise

Asphalt Reinforcement Services are a leading UK pavement reinforcement provider who are highly experienced in runway reinforcement and have been providing innovative asphalt surfacing services for many years. Having provided services to the Northern runway at Gatwick, they have high profile case studies within their portfolio. Using their GlasGrid® geosynthetic product range, they are able to repair runways quickly and responsively and significantly reduce the likelihood of reactive repair recurring, keeping passenger safety a priority.