Surface Dressing Pavement Overlay

Surface dressing is extremely effective for restoring skid resistance and sealing the road surface preventing water ingress and frost heave.

All-in surface dressing

All-in surface dressing works by spraying hot bitumen onto the road and then applying and rolling in chippings. The road is then swept to remove any excess chippings. The process extends pavement life, improves efficiency and delays interventions such as the need for repairs.

Emulsion supply

Asphalt Reinforcement Services supply Polymer-Modified Emulsions (PME) for your pavement surfacing needs. It’s probably easiest to get in touch and tell us more about what you need. Request a callback or give us a call to discuss your requirements.

Application of surface dressing emulsion

Surface dressing binders are something else we apply for customers so please get in touch if this is something you need.

For more information visit our All-In Surface Dressing website.

Surface maintenance and repairs account for 25% of the highways budget

Reduced maintenance and repair costs means your budget can go miles further.

Stretch the investment life and get more mileage from the rehabilitation roadmap.

Increased resilience to wear and weather extends pavement life by up to 10 years.