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If you wish to install any of our products yourself, they can be purchased directly from Asphalt Reinforcement Services. There’s plenty of stock held at the UK warehousing facility for customers to order and have delivered the next day.  Alternatively you can collect from our depot in Kent and save on delivery costs.

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  • Reduced cracking for up to 25 years
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  • Lower carbon footprints

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GlasGrid® GG (Self Adhesive)

When you need to control crack growth, you need to use Asphalt Reinforcement Services’ GlasGrid® GG range. GlasGrid® has been developed to help extend pavement life and is an exceptionally strong and durable reinforcing system. It’s geosynthetic composition consists of glass fibre strands that have been arranged into a grid structure. These in turn are covered and impregnated with a polymer adhesive. The result is an unparalleled system that will fortify pavements, while reducing reactive maintenance costs.

GlasGrid® CompoGrid (CG)

Extending paving life is key to reducing costs and reactive maintenance scheduling. GlasGrid® CompoGrid (CG) is a geosynthetic pavement reinforcement and moisture barrier system designed to do just that. The GlasGrid® CompoGrid (CG) system expands on the proven GlasGrid® system, by integrating it with a nonwoven paving fabric.

GlasGrid® GP (GlasPave™)

When it comes to effective waterproofing, conventional paving fabrics can have a negative effect on both cost and the environment. That’s why GlasGrid® GlasPave™ GP is the only option for waterproofing that will help you reduce costs and your carbon footprint.


GlasGrid® Indicator Mesh

In one of the most vulnerable areas in highway maintenance, bridge decks, Asphalt Reinforcement Services is proud to showcase the GlasGrid® Indicator Mesh. This pavement is the only choice for the safeguarding of bridge decks. The GlasGrid® Indicator Mesh system is a highly visible means of protection and is an effective alternative to coloured asphalt. It is a great way to reduce costs when needing to warn resurfacing teams that they are approaching the waterproofing membrane on the bridge deck.

GlasGrid® Rapid Repair – PG100

The all in one detailed repair system for any surface – including concrete. The composite Geogrid reinforcement system of the GlasGrid® Rapid Repair PG100, consists of a high tensile fibreglass grid, which in turn is coated with a patented elastomeric polymer and works alongside a non-woven fabric. The system has been developed for a quick and easy fitting. Simple and rapid installation by hand, is enabled by the fact that no heating is needed to install this product, it can simply be applied to a milled surface or directly to concrete without a levelling course. This makes it a versatile solution and easy choice to use.