Stand the test of time with ARCDESO® Anti-Reflective Cracking Design Software

ARCDESO® design software has been introduced by Asphalt Reinforcement Services. It is used by engineers, designers and contractors to optimise the design process for asphalt pavement reinforcement. Selecting the right products for your application from the outset will save unnecessary spend on reactive maintenance due to reflective cracking further down the line.

Using clever algorithms, the software will take the product mix you are proposing and rate its efficacy and the likelihood of reflective cracking occurring in the future. ARCDESO® has been developed to reduce labour intensive pavement investigations and provide accurate predictions of the pavement’s life after a maintenance option has been selected.

How the ARCDESO® software works

Arcdeso Screen Grab of Application

ARCDESO® generates reflective cracking predictions to support your planning process. Helping you to select the most effective maintenance option for you and reduced reactive maintenance bill in the longer term. The accuracy of the software is backed up by extensive field data so you can always be confident you’re making evidence-based decisions, streamlining costs and optimising pavement performance. To book an ARCDESO® consultancy appointment click on the box below:

Booking an ARCDESO® consultancy definitely saved our most recent project time along with adding longevity to the solution

  • Predict surface life
  • Forecast maintenance costs
  • Completely FREE service



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