The GlasGrid® App

Asphalt reinforcement is more than just aiming to prevent reflective cracking, it is also about extending the lifespan of asphalt pavements. When you need help with both these factors, the new GlasGrid®  app from Saint-Gobain is the ideal tool for you.

The GlasGrid® app includes the GlasGrid® Selector tool which allows you to input various factors such as:

  • Crack type
  • Route type

This will then enable you to decide on the correct pavement reinforcement products in order to suit your needs and applications.

Additional Features:

  • TROUBLESHOOT A troubleshooting feature to upload photos and GPS coordinates of specific pavement cracking
  • SELECTOR A selector for optimal reinforcement solutions
  • LITERATURE & VIDEOS The ability to review the GlasGrid® family, learn more about products, view photos and videos or download literature and technical data
  • UPLOAD PICTURES Use the troubleshoot feature to take or upload pictures of road cracks and get in touch with the team to fix it
  • CONNECT The ability to easily connect with the right experts