Extend pavement life with different kinds of services.

To extend pavement life Asphalt Reinforcement Services will support you at every stage of the way from planning, forecasting and design to installation, surface dressing and continuous professional development.

Customers are supported by the dedicated and experienced sales and operational teams who will carry out site inspections and help you to make the right choices when it comes to your pavement construction and overlay rehabilitation strategies.

Complemented by a network of dedicated supply chain operators, the team have the reach to advise on a wide-range of project types nationwide. When it comes to installation, you can also benefit from our in-house ISO 9001 accredited installation service.

Find out more about the full range of services below:


Adfors app

Asphalt reinforcement is more than just aiming to prevent reflective cracking, it is also about extending the lifespan of asphalt pavements. When you need help with both these factors, then the new ADFORS app from Saint-Gobain is the ideal tool for you.

Arcdeso® Technology

Using clever algorithms, the software will take the product mix you are proposing and rate its efficacy and the likelihood of reflective cracking occurring in the future. ARCDESO® has been developed to reduce labour intensive pavement investigations and provide accurate predictions of the pavement’s life after a maintenance option has been selected.

CPD Presentations

Extend the life cycles of your roads with higher value projects and reduced maintenance needs. Sign-up for a CPD presentation with Asphalt Reinforcement Services, and we can give you the help you need to achieve all of this and much more in just a couple of hours.

Supply and Installation

Supply and installation of the GlasGrid® range of geosynthetic systems is the principal activity carried out by Asphalt Reinforcement Services. With a broad range of accreditations including quality, health & safety and even CPD delivery, Asphalt Reinforcement Services has become the sole UK distributor of Saint Gobain ADFORS products.

Supply Only

The GlasGrid® range of products can be supplied direct to you for you to arrange your own installation.

Surface Dressing

Extend pavement life by up to 10 additional years with surface dressing. It’s an extra layer of strength to the pavement overlay making it last longer, reducing maintenance and repair costs.