What makes Asphalt Reinforcement Services one of the leading asphalt companies?

Asphalt Reinforcement Services one of the leading asphalt companies

Over 20 million tons of asphalt are produced in the UK each year, with 2014 and 2015 seeing the market once again growing after a period of stagnation. Damaged road surfaces are not only dangerous but they also cost local authorities more and more money in maintenance and compensation pay-outs. In other words, using high quality road surfacing and keeping up with road maintenance is critical. It also means that identifying asphalt companies that can provide a first-class service is more important than ever.

What to look for in asphalt companies

For organisations with responsibility for pavement surfaces, be it on motorways, trunk roads, local streets, bridges, car parks, airport runways or pedestrian walkways, a damaged surface is a liability. When it comes to a purchasing decision, reducing reflective cracking and reactive maintenance are two of the key factors in keeping down long-term costs, so asphalt companies that can address these issues successfully are worthy of note.

If you are considering asphalt companies, we would suggest you rate them across these three key elements:

  • long-term cash savings—look for asphalt companies that provide a product with proven longevity to keep the cost of materials and repairs minimised over the project lifespan
  • efficiency on the job—try to find asphalt companies that will complete the work quickly and effectively to minimise the disruption to road users and keep labour costs down
  • delayed interventions—search out road surfacing products that minimise reflective cracking so that interventions are few and far between over the lifespan of the surface

Asphalt Reinforcement Services—ticking all the boxes

When it comes to asphalt companies, Asphalt Reinforcement Services have made a point of addressing all three issues outlined above. If you’re looking for a partner that can ensure your pavement surfaces are smoother, safer and last longer without intervention, you should be looking at the Asphalt Reinforcement Services’ GlasGrid® range of geosynthetic and geogrid products.

Unreinforced asphalt is susceptible to reflective cracking and as such is the main cause of surface instability and deterioration. Repairs become necessary with increasing frequency, causing danger to road users and disruption of traffic flow. It is, however, a problem that can be avoided by using an asphalt reinforcement geosynthetics. The GlasGrid® range has been developed to suit a variety of asphalt overlay applications using a geogrid design. Strong fibreglass strands coated with a polymer resin form a mesh that controls crack growth and extends pavement life. Long-term costs and long-term road safety both benefit.

Not all asphalt companies are the same, just as not all road surfaces are the same, so make sure you look for one that has developed specific measures to provide surfaces that will stay safe for longer. To learn more about how we could help you, please contact us – info@asphaltrs.co.uk