Westminster Conference - Airport Expansion

5th September 2016:  Westminster Conference – Airport Expansion in the South East

Asphalt Reinforcement Services’ Tom Vandermeer will be heading to the Royal Society in London for a seminar on airport expansion in the South East.

The prospect of airport development is always a controversial topic and never far from the news headlines. New runways and infrastructure can help grow the country’s economy and keep up with an increasingly globalised world. However, airport expansion is not always viewed favourably as it can lead to pollution. The most pressing concerns include greenhouse gas emissions and high levels of aircraft noise.

The seminar takes place in the light of further delays to a government decision on airport expansion and the endorsement of the Davies Commission Report in December 2015. The main discussion topics include the prospect for infrastructure development at Heathrow and Gatwick.

Also on the agenda are the environmental implications surrounding airport development – the latest views on air quality and the challenges we face to reduce carbon emissions.

Integration and interconnectivity are also important topics up for discussion – especially when viewed in the context of the wider transport network and the effect on local communities.  The agenda also includes the logistics of planning such operations and the effects on international competition.

A number of experts and guest speakers will be in attendance including the Chief Executive of Heathrow Airport – Tom Holland Kaye, and Keith Beattie – the Chief Financial Officer at Gatwick Airport.

Asphalt Reinforcement Services’ years of surfacing expertise include work on major airports and runways across the UK. The 5th September will be an interesting day for Tom and one that gives us a clearer picture of what the future holds for airport expansion.