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GlasGrid® paving reinforcement grids are exceptionally strong fibreglass strands, coated and impregnated with a specially formulated polymer resin.

The innovative product design sets GlasGrid® apart from other Geosynthetic reinforcement products, greatly reducing shearing within the fibres ensuring the strength is maintained.

Low elongation is an important factor in manufactured products that absorb stress and GlasGrid® has been rigorously tested in the field and in the laboratory, providing outstanding results. Along with excellent bonding capabilities, high tensile strength and the ability to provide an effective moisture barrier GlasGrid® really is a cut above the rest.

Asphalt Reinforcement Systems Ltd are the exclusive UK distributor and installer of GlasGrid®, CompoGrid®, GridSeal®, Indicator Mesh® and Rapid Repair® Geosynthetic pavement reinforcement systems, produced by Saint Gobain Adfors


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