Asphalt Reinforcement Services Ltd is pleased to introduce GeoPrep, a surface dressing preparation solution from Tencate Polyfelt Geosynthetics.

Surface dressing remains one of the most cost-effective methods for increasing the life of asphalt pavements. Maintenance periods can be extended by up to four times if the surface is prepared with a solution such as Tencate’s GeoPrep prior to surface dressing.

Further benefits of using GeoPrep are:

  • Reduced pre-patching costs (see testmonial below)
  • Increased the potential area for surface dressing repair – avoids high cost inlays
  • Extended pavement lifecycle – whole life cost considerably reduced
  • Prevention of moisture and oxygen penetration – protects sub layers
  • Lower tack coat consumption – minimising the bitumen costs
  • Rapid installation in line with surface dressing operation – no delays

10 years maintenance free

Bob Noakes, Group Manager of the Norfolk County Council Laboratory specified GeoPrep on a project almost ten years ago as a stress relieving and bitumen retention layer under surface dressing for one of their busiest roads.  The particular section of road was in a cracked and crazed condition and would normally have been repaired prior to surface dressing with hot mix asphalt inlay patching.  GeoPrep was specified in order to save on the costs of patching repairs.  The road has been regularly inspected over time and the treated section has been completely maintenance-free. 

Bob reports that “my experience over many years of this type of surface and traffic loading tells me that pre-patching is essential to ensure surface dressing is effective. Without patching I would expect the surface dressing to last two to three years and even then this section would be at a high risk of developing potholes.  Patch repairs run the risk of potholes around the edges of the repair, even under a surface dressing.  However the road to date still shows no sign of distress and the saving to the council has been considerable and we recommend this treatment method throughout the county as part of our investigation and design for repairs”.

GeoPrep is fully CE marked and quality assured to European Norm standards.  The optimum product quality and functionality are only guaranteed when GeoPrep is correctly installed by trained and experienced installers.